January 04, 2019

Last-Minute Cutlips!

This is just a quick blog post featuring one single species: the Cutlip Minnow. It had been high on my list of cyprinids for a while at that point and I had been seeing some pictures of them posted on Instagram. The best part: they were only about an hour away from home! I eventually worked up the energy to make the short trip, but only left home at 11PM :o So I crossed the border into New York and arrived at the creek just after midnight. I worked a few spots but could not seem to find them :(

Then, between spots, I was pulled over by a cop who was very curious about why I would drive across the border to look for minnows in the middle of the night, before heading straight home. He eventually did believe me, because he couldn't think of any other reason I would be sitting in my car in waders lol.

Finally, I moved to a slightly wider creek at a spot below a dam. It took a bit of wading, but I started seeing the target species! After that, it didn't long before I was holding my prize fish in my hands :)

At that point it was pushing 2AM, so I was glad it was a relatively short drive home.

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