April 13, 2018

Early Season Tench!

No real reason to write a whole blog post about this, but I just can't get over how pretty these fish are! I almost decided not to go as I couldn't find a partner and just wasn't feeling motivated. Last minute, I asked Alex if she would like to go after work, she said yes and so we drove up the Richelieu to the historic canal in St-Ours.

We were stressed for time and only had about an hour and a half before it got dark, but Alex got the 1st bite within what felt like 5 minutes! She had 2 Tench on her pickerel rig at the same time, a "double-lifer" as it were. Super happy for her, these fish are stunning. We weren't expecting Tench at all, so it was sort of bittersweet to be catching these invasives so far away from their native range in Europe. Here's a few of the pics we took :)

Alex with her "double-lifer"!
My personal best Tench
Their eyes are incredible!

Bonus: Recently found an armchair lifer hiding in my iNaturalist observations. Apparently what I thought was a regular old Crevalle Jack is instead a brand new Florida Pompano. Thanks to user pmk00001 for the original ID and to Kenneth Tse for the confirmation.
Species #125!