December 02, 2017

Fishing Season 2017 (Part II) - Still Spring!

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, I now start to transition to targeting more of the warmwater species. In fact, Alex's family had invited me on their annual fishing trip to a northern reservoir right on opener weekend for those areas. This year, we were going to be fishing Réservoir Dozois. I was expecting a challenge as I did not know anyone with experience on the reservoir and I figured the cold water would slow the bite down. In the end, my research paid off and we managed pike up to 37'' and walleye up to 24'', plus some very cool blue Walleye!

We returned very satisfied with our trip despite the challenging fishing conditions. I then spent then next week or so fishing closer to home. A friend I had been talking with on Facebook invited me to come catch my first Common Carp using the proper European technique. The friend in question, Marc-André, was successful in catching me my first carp, and this was the start of my addiction to the species! Here's a few carp pictures from our outing and the ensuing week:

My 1st legit Common Carp!

All this having been said, it still leaves out an unsuccessful trip to Lac Taureau with Ali, targeting Bowfin with my sister, fishing the annual American Shad run, catching big Channel Catfish, etc. Anyways, I had a very special trip planned to end off Spring 2017; I was going to be going to James Bay region to fish the hydro reservoirs along the Transtaiga road with my good buddy Carl! Unfortunately, his work couldn't allow him the time off so last minute another friend Jason agreed to make the trip with me. This was truly an amazing experience; everything was so rugged and wild that far north. I won't go into detail as this trip honestly deserves a post of its own, but we caught 5 species: Northern Pike, Speckled Trout, Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, and Walleye. The whitefish was a special treat for me as it signified the last gamefish of Quebec that I had yet to catch!

In part III I finally switch to the summer season; when I have less fishing time because I do have to work at some point :p

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